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Paneer Butter Masala Recipe | How to make Butter Paneer Masala Curry Video :

How to make Paneer Butter Masala Recipe : Paneer Butter Masala is also known as paneer makhani. It is a vegetarian dish from India. So if you are trying out to prepare Paneer Butter Masala curry, then we have provided you with the Paneer Butter Masala Recipe and step by step procedure along with the Ingredients.

Ingredients for Paneer Butter Masala Recipe :

chopped tomatoes: 1 kg

bay leaves: 3-4

green cardamom: 5-6

cinnamon sticks: 2-3

cashew: 1/2 cup

red chillis: 3-4

water: 1 cup

corainder: 1bunch

oil: 2tbspns

butter:2-3 tbspns

garam masala: 1tbspn

sugar: 1tbspn

paneer cubes

red chilli powder: 2 tbspns

green chillies: 3-4

ginger paster: 2tbspns

cream: 2-3 tbspns

cumins: 1 tbspn

onions: 1 cup

Preparation of Paneer Butter Masala Recipe Gravy :

Take a pan, place 1 tbsp of oil and let the oil heat for few minutes. Add 1 kg chopped tomatoes, 1 cup of onions, bay leaves, green cardamom,Cinnamon sticks, red chillies, cashew nuts and pour 1 cup of water. Mix it well and close it with a plate. Stir it occasionally for 10-15 minutes. keep it aside for 5-10 minutes and grind the mixture till it get fine paste. Take another pan and add 2-3 tbsps of butter, 1 tbsp of oil and stir it well till butter gets melt. Then add 1 tbsp cumin, green chillies, 1tbsp of ginger, 2 tbsps of red chilly powder, add ground gravy into the pan and stir it well. Add  1 tbsp of garam masala, 1 tbsp of sugar to it, add paneer cubes and stir it well till paneer cubes will absorbs the gravy. Then add 2tbsps of cream to it and cook it for 5 mins. At last paneer butter masala is ready for serving.

Ready!!! Hot and spicy Paneer Butter Masala Curry is ready to eat:

Garnish paneer butter masala with cream and chopped coriander. We can serve this with any Indian bread or rice. Regularly North Indians use Chapatis, rotis, butter nons to eat Paneer Butter Masala.

Tit Bits from Paneer Butter Masala Recipe Preparation:

Name of Food Item: Paneer Butter Masala

Category : Curry

Time taken for its preparation: 1 Hour

Tastes good when served with : Chapati/ Nons

Veg/ Non Veg: Vegetarian

Style: North Indian

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